Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 little indians

I'm sorry I tricked you all there is not 10 indians in this picture, just one, but there could be ten if you caught them and put them in little jars but i think that would be cruel so better not, or at least make them big jars. I am still working on my band in a jar idea where I shrink bands i like and put them in jars and make them play music for me when ever I want it shall be amazing once I work out how to shrink them and then i will have to capture them, I think I'll make a sign that says BANDS COME PLAY OVER HERE AND I'LL GIVE YOU LOOKS OF MONEY they will surely come then BOOM i shall shrink them and they will live the rest of their days in a jar but i will feed them bamboo so life will be good.
The End.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Autumn daze...

Today was a glorious public holiday. The sun was shining the birds were singing and the sounds of the builders radio from down the street was wafting sweet music through my windows. Its days like these i wish could last for ever, with nothing much to do but ride through the leafy streets taking photos and making strange art works.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sophie takes pictures

The wonderful Sophie from Sophie Takes Pictures photoshoped this for me, its amazing. Check out her blog.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Caravan Girl...

I thought it high time i let you all see my pirate ship where myself and Maryanne reside, but seeing as i'm less of a sea pirate and more of a bicycle pirate currently, my pirate ship resembles a caravan. I love my caravan so so much, every morning i wake up and feel ridiculously happy as i look around my little home. There is tie dye everywhere, a little too much some may say but i think you can NEVER have too much tie dye. I have always been fond of putting feathers in my hair and lately i have been experimenting more and more with my head pieces. I wear them out all the time and often get strangle looks, but as i am used to being called Indian or Gypsy or hippy or pirate it does not really bother me. Also i came across these AMAZING crochet shorts the other day i love them so so so much but i think they are going to be a bit hard to wear out to any public place that is not a beach which is unfortunate. My Technicolour dream coat in the last two pics is also one of my all time favourite items in the world..I think i would be naked if it were not for op shops/thrift stores they are the most magical treasure chests filled with old worn love.

Daisy chain crowns...

Every the summer i was 17 and living at home i would make a daisy chain crown with the daisys out the front of my house, by the end of the day they were wilted but it didn't matter. Daisys are my absoulute favouite flowers. I tried to find some good fake ones that wouldn't wilt so i could wear them at night but alas the fake flower shops do not favour the white leafed yellow centred variety so this is the best i could find. I just got back from an amazing adventure with sir stompface, it was full of disgises, kittens, cheese and swedish vampires and along the way i also picked up this amazing dress for $10 it makes me feel so 90's i love it!


Yes yes, on my way to see some wonderful music played in the most psychedelic way as only Pond can do. I straightened my hair for the first time in forever it looks so...so...straight

Friday, May 15, 2009

Black, white and shades of grey...

Yesterday on one of my op shop adventures, i managed to get my hands on this delicious white blazer for $3, it fills my heart with happiness and leaves my wallet with money in it. Later that night whilst cruising with Velvet Jr i saw pretty much the same blazer in sports girl for about a million more dollars and that made me even happier so Happy in fact that i celebrated by listening to the incredible string band. Hooray for op shops and old people who had fashion sense and then lost all their sense and gave their amazing items to the good Sammy's.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Night Rider...

It has been a while since a post with a beautiful bicycle specimen involved, to all you bicycle lovers, I'm sorry. This has been due to a few reasons. Firstly Maryanne has been a bit sick and been in and out of surgery, and my beloved Jack well one morning i woke up and he was gone, later that day i received a text from my friend saying she had seen jack on my parents front lawn ready for roadside pickup. My dad explained that jack had died and i just needed to realised that he wasn't going to get better this time. So after just having had my heart ripped out for the second time in 5 months i decided on a new course of action, there was no way that i would put down the sword and leave pirating the streets to other incompetent individuals, no i needed a new comrade and i knew just where to find him...well not exactly where but after some scouting i found out where Mr Velvet, who had conveniently decided to leave the country last december, had stowed Velvet Jr. So a pirating i went and now Velvet Jr is safely in my possession and i can go back to terrorising the streets with my new biker gang The Northwood Bandits. No one will be safe from water and flour bombs NO ONE.
But for now we are off on a midnight mission for licorice.
Status update: mission accomplished, licorice in my stomach...delicious

Love love love

Lots and lots of new photo love at

Monday, May 4, 2009

Flares + stompface + JT + french bears = amazing times

Saturday was a magical day, in the morning Maryanne and I went on an adventure to find some learn to speak spanish tapes and then we went to get Stompface from the train station and bring her back to out pirate ship. Then we had a picnic in the park and got rather happy. More pics here Estranged best friends club.
I then rediscoverd the joy of flares, yes i pulled out my old one from the bottom of my draws and thought, its about time i put you on my legs, i was stoked they still fit, seeing as they are a size 6, so much joy! I pretty much was the happiest i've been in a pair of jeans in a long long time, they made me feel so free.
Later that day we ventured over to James William Terrys humble abode, yes he lives in a shed
for some fun, then headed out with him to a 21st that me and Stompface were not envited to but JT was telling them i was his sister, so they welcomed us with open arms. The night took us to some crazy places, discovering french teddys, spitting off bridges to try and hit cars, reanacting janet jackson pictures, arguing with bouncers but finally gettng into the clun when the manager saw that at least 15 people wouldnt come in if they didnt let me in, dancing wildly to passion pit, making mi goreng back at JT's at 4 in the morning....Its a wonderfull life.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's in the nose

tank handmade, cardy TopShop, shorts and shoes Vintage, beanie Marc Jacobs

So today i was pretty bored and after crusing all the opshops within ridding distance and scoring some AMAZING items of clothing, i decided to ride into the city, where i saw a place that said body piercing, and after wanting a nose ring since yr 8 but never getting one cause my mum would flip i decided why not.
so i went in and 10 minutes later i had something silver in my nose. I like it but at the same time im a little nervous seeing as my sister told me i looked disgusting, my nephews pointed at told me i looked weird and neice said 'i don't like it, i don't like it' and ran into her room crying. Stompface the only other who has seen it loves it, its a little too big for my liking but in a few weeks i can put a smaller one in, that is if i can keep it that long!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The cultral adviser will now be fired....

So i picked up some amazing shoes today...no they are not docs unfortunately but look the same and a quarter of the price, which suits me just fine, i also picked up this amazing wold T and CUT CUT CUT IT. I am a massive fan of the crop tee, although i think i will need to work out before i start wearing the really cropped ones in public! I had the most ridiculously crazy weekend, think climbing over fences, up trees and onto peoples roof tops at 3 in the morning...pro surfers, me, bathrooms, risky escapes through windows, hiding behind cars, ping pong, and a guy with three thumbs...no but seriously he had THREE!

I wish every weekend could be like this...hmmm actually i don't. On second thoughts it would be really really bad, but once in every while its always fun to wake up with a massive bruise on your leg, tears in your stockings and some surfers bracelet on your wrist!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

death and destruction

Well sirs, there has been some bad news. Whilst i was away seeking adventures in magical lands for a few months there was no one to take care of Maryanne and Jack...and now they are dying. I'm trying to fix them but my bicycle fixing skills are not as good as they should be. Its breaking my heart, I've had to walk everywhere lately. So for now there will be no more bicycle pictures...but i shall entertain you with other magical antics until my babies return to the world of the riding.

Back with a vengeance...

This night was such a wild ride, at one point in time i was up on stage with the band the silents playing some mad tambourine, it was incredible...then i found my self with a mask on top my head, which turned out to be one of the guys from the band carbuncle. Oh i am in love with that band so much, i do recall telling them i wanted to marry them all and then shrink them and put them in marmalade jars and then make them play music when i please!

Some how i ended up home making nachos at 4 in the morning with La Mar wearing my fur coat...And having to wake up at 6 cause he kept setting his alarm to go off every hour!

I wish every night could be like this!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Click It

The End.

For every ending there is a new beginning

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dirty Dirty Flanno

Shirt:Diesel(and no i did not pay for it), Beanie, Bracelet & ring: Marc Jacobs

In my opinion the only way to wear flannos is in a men Large, old and dirty...or stolen off some guy in NY when he was being a dickhead... So wear dirty flannos with pride, buy them cheap at the super market or if you want to wear an expesive one, make sure someone else paid for it.

xx Bicycle Pirate

P.S. i just got my fringe(bangs) cut... some day i love it some days i wish i hadn't cut it, I'm not sure if i will row it out straight away or keep it?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hungry bread and butter hustle...

Its been so long i know, but that's because I've been getting frostbite in Canada, and partying in NYC...here are a few pics of my delectable fur coat i got at a op shop/thrift store for $10!! it amost felt as if i was stealing it! Im sorry to all my bicycle fans, no bikes in these photos but in a few weeks i'll be back in the sunny country and hanging with marry anne and jack so you will get your fill of spokes!

Bicycle Pirate