Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hungry bread and butter hustle...

Its been so long i know, but that's because I've been getting frostbite in Canada, and partying in are a few pics of my delectable fur coat i got at a op shop/thrift store for $10!! it amost felt as if i was stealing it! Im sorry to all my bicycle fans, no bikes in these photos but in a few weeks i'll be back in the sunny country and hanging with marry anne and jack so you will get your fill of spokes!

Bicycle Pirate


For Love not Money said...

Ah, that explains it.

Overseas hey? I suppose thats a good enough reason not to blog ;)

Your fur looks fabulous, I've always wanted to wear one but but due to the 80's hair I look more tragic than tre chic....

Love how you've teamed it with cut-offs too.

Enjoy your overseas travels!


Stompface said...

you hot bitch.
about time you posted some more pictures.

your fur coat is love.
what a bargainvillia.
or a bouganvilia
but that would be a flower.

I'm so confused.

heart you!


Dane said...

Ahh what a beautiful fur thingy you are wearing. Hope youre not freezing too much over there.

Samuel said...

Frostbite in Canada? Cold? No bicycle shots? You need to try riding in the snow... maybe not quite as chic looking, but oh! so much fun.


hellow from catalonia " barcelona" a good blog!

bon 2009!


gwadzilla said...

I love photos of myself as well...

photos on the bike and photos off the bike

foxy photos in the thrift shop score!!!

a bicycle would improve the shot

but it is nice to break up the routine

gwadzilla said...

XAVI said the same thing go me....

he is either trying to get you, me, and others to come see his blog

or he really likes our blogs

what do you think?

Jordan said...

beautiful! there's an empty splash pool like this by my house...photoshoot!