Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Velvet Jnr

Skirt, Vintage leather. Top, Bettina Liano. Boots, Tony Bianco, Bike, Velvet Jnr

This morning i manged to commandeered Mr Velvets Bicycle, Velvet Jnr. I was in need of some mode of transport to take me from the velvety lair to my pirate ship at 6:30 in the morning and i chanced upon this fine creation. The ride was as smooth as its names sake, and i would love to keep Velvet Jnr locked away, but alas, i fear i would be made walk the plank of my own ship if i did any such thing.
I decided to have a little adventure however with Velvet Jnr whilst he was in my possestion. So me and new vintage skirt which was horribly long until i took pity on her and cut her short short short, well not too short, but short enough to transform the hidious unglyness into soemthing beautiful.
Lets all shout HOORAY for Velvet and leather HOORAY.

Monday, October 27, 2008

BackPack Love

Jeans, customized. Vest, Pirate Nate's Mums. BackPack, Vintage.

It is true, there is a new love in my life, is it a bird? is it a plane? No it's SUPERMAN...oh i mean its MR BACKPACK...yes, Mr Backpack was looking awfully lonely until i decided to take him home and make him my constant companion, since that glorious moment of discovery he has hardly left my back. The beauty of the backpack is that you forget you even have it on. Hand bags can be extremely aggravating when wore out dancing, but with a back pack you can dance your little heart out with out anything constantly falling off your arm. Backpacks are also the perfect companion for going on adventures, they just sit there on your back quietly holding all your goodies. I remember when the oversize totes came out and i thought to my self, i shall never carry anything else, but i was wrong, the backpack has captured my heart and put it in it's front left pocket.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fish and Chips Saturdays

Shoes, Sportsgirl. Top and Skirt, Bicycle Pirate, Belt, Vintage

Is there anything more like summer than riding down to the fish and chips shop on a Saturday with your friends, and sitting in a park and scoffing them? NO. Well ok maybe there is now, that was pretty much how my childhood Saturdays were spend, oh the joys of being young and free.

Now i have to worry about things like the destruction of my neighbors pet poodle by and evil pensioner and the downfall of western civilization...

But never the less, i shall continue to ride the streets on sunny Saturdays looking for adventures...would you like to come?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Noun Informal
1.a young person, esp. a teenage girl, who is an ardent admirer of rock musicians and may follow them on tour.

I am in love with these leather tights, yes IN LOVE, i bought them from a girl who makes them her self, they fit like a leatherette dream...
i am also in love with my feather headband, when i bought it it had all these ugly bead things dripping off it, but i took to it with my scissors and beauty sprung from it like a beautiful shoe on a half price sale....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Excuse me wind, but could you please stop for a while

Blazer, Dotti. Singlet, Bettina Liano. Bikinis, Bardot. Cut Offs, Vintage Billabong. Sandals, Therapy.
What a beautiful day for summer time.
It was such a glorious day today, so warm but with the hint of a breeze which is where the blazer comes in handy, who would have thought Mr Blazer and Mrs Cutoffs would make such a perfect pair, but they do and occationally make sweet passionate love and out pops a pair of gladiator there anything more beautiful? i ask you, and you reply and say no, nothing FULL STOP

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stolen Love

Yes i look stunning i know, i was going for the 'riding home from Mr Velvets house in the morning wearing his clothes' look, i think i achieved it pretty well seeing as that was precisely what i was doing. I am in love with these jeans, they are mens ones but fit me wonderfully, and they are allready worn in so they are extra comfy. If you were wondering why i have not posted a postarama for over a week i will tell you why: because i have been enjoying all the sunshine in the north of western australia, yay hooray, judging from these pics i dont looks tanned at all just confused. But i am very tan after my little adventure, unfourtunaly there were no bicycles at my destinations, just surf boards and wet suits YIPEEEEEEEEEEE...
Well my head is tired from all this thinking, im not used to it, no no no. oh i went and saw ladytron last night with Mr Velvet and a certain pig of happiness, and it was wonderful.
P.s. i love commas yes its true i use them as frequently as possible. Three cheers for Commas Hip pip HOORAY Hip pip HOORAY Hip pip HOORAY.
and all the commas lived happily ever after. GOOD DAY SIR