Monday, June 1, 2009

Autumn daze...

Today was a glorious public holiday. The sun was shining the birds were singing and the sounds of the builders radio from down the street was wafting sweet music through my windows. Its days like these i wish could last for ever, with nothing much to do but ride through the leafy streets taking photos and making strange art works.


Violet said...

this reminds me of the old black and white silent movies

Vi from Cali

Tiff said...

i hope that you will print all these photos and put them in a wondrous album to give to a special daughter/neice/goddaughter/etc. Hmmm they are awfully nice.

Work those blessed genes!

Tiff x x

Emma said...

This is so vintage looking- I love flipping through my mom's high school albums- the fashion was so carefree and beautiful, and tailored!


rachel is a dreamer said...

this photo is like magical. i love how you have a close relationshp with your bicycle. i love mine too.
peace & love!