Friday, January 16, 2009

Dirty Dirty Flanno

Shirt:Diesel(and no i did not pay for it), Beanie, Bracelet & ring: Marc Jacobs

In my opinion the only way to wear flannos is in a men Large, old and dirty...or stolen off some guy in NY when he was being a dickhead... So wear dirty flannos with pride, buy them cheap at the super market or if you want to wear an expesive one, make sure someone else paid for it.

xx Bicycle Pirate

P.S. i just got my fringe(bangs) cut... some day i love it some days i wish i hadn't cut it, I'm not sure if i will row it out straight away or keep it?


Stompface said...

bah i was planning on fringing it!

we are so matchy!!


Karafina said...

i highly agree!

Dane said...

Love it. Keep it.