Sunday, March 29, 2009

death and destruction

Well sirs, there has been some bad news. Whilst i was away seeking adventures in magical lands for a few months there was no one to take care of Maryanne and Jack...and now they are dying. I'm trying to fix them but my bicycle fixing skills are not as good as they should be. Its breaking my heart, I've had to walk everywhere lately. So for now there will be no more bicycle pictures...but i shall entertain you with other magical antics until my babies return to the world of the riding.

Back with a vengeance...

This night was such a wild ride, at one point in time i was up on stage with the band the silents playing some mad tambourine, it was incredible...then i found my self with a mask on top my head, which turned out to be one of the guys from the band carbuncle. Oh i am in love with that band so much, i do recall telling them i wanted to marry them all and then shrink them and put them in marmalade jars and then make them play music when i please!

Some how i ended up home making nachos at 4 in the morning with La Mar wearing my fur coat...And having to wake up at 6 cause he kept setting his alarm to go off every hour!

I wish every night could be like this!