Friday, May 15, 2009

Black, white and shades of grey...

Yesterday on one of my op shop adventures, i managed to get my hands on this delicious white blazer for $3, it fills my heart with happiness and leaves my wallet with money in it. Later that night whilst cruising with Velvet Jr i saw pretty much the same blazer in sports girl for about a million more dollars and that made me even happier so Happy in fact that i celebrated by listening to the incredible string band. Hooray for op shops and old people who had fashion sense and then lost all their sense and gave their amazing items to the good Sammy's.


Stompface said...

in the second picture it looks like you have no hands.
it really really freaked me out.
I was getting a bit upset thinking you had neglected telling me this very important information.
but then after much investigation it appears that the pockets are just eating them.

yes that must be it.


Jowy said...

I love that u use the combination of bikes and fashion on ur blog!
I live in the Netherlands where we bike ALLOT!

i've just posted a cool cruiser bike on my blog that i borrowed from my lil sis, if you'd like to take a look:


NEODEV said...

incredible woman
sei bellissima

morena said...


Violet said...

Glad to see you on your bike again... and im likin the big white blazer

Vi from Cali


Wow-wee... that's such a fabulous price darling! Lovely weekend~

shut-up-and-read said...

This post is hilarious!
I love your blog, it is now one of my ten favourite in the hole wild world :)