Monday, May 4, 2009

Flares + stompface + JT + french bears = amazing times

Saturday was a magical day, in the morning Maryanne and I went on an adventure to find some learn to speak spanish tapes and then we went to get Stompface from the train station and bring her back to out pirate ship. Then we had a picnic in the park and got rather happy. More pics here Estranged best friends club.
I then rediscoverd the joy of flares, yes i pulled out my old one from the bottom of my draws and thought, its about time i put you on my legs, i was stoked they still fit, seeing as they are a size 6, so much joy! I pretty much was the happiest i've been in a pair of jeans in a long long time, they made me feel so free.
Later that day we ventured over to James William Terrys humble abode, yes he lives in a shed
for some fun, then headed out with him to a 21st that me and Stompface were not envited to but JT was telling them i was his sister, so they welcomed us with open arms. The night took us to some crazy places, discovering french teddys, spitting off bridges to try and hit cars, reanacting janet jackson pictures, arguing with bouncers but finally gettng into the clun when the manager saw that at least 15 people wouldnt come in if they didnt let me in, dancing wildly to passion pit, making mi goreng back at JT's at 4 in the morning....Its a wonderfull life.

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