Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's in the nose

tank handmade, cardy TopShop, shorts and shoes Vintage, beanie Marc Jacobs

So today i was pretty bored and after crusing all the opshops within ridding distance and scoring some AMAZING items of clothing, i decided to ride into the city, where i saw a place that said body piercing, and after wanting a nose ring since yr 8 but never getting one cause my mum would flip i decided why not.
so i went in and 10 minutes later i had something silver in my nose. I like it but at the same time im a little nervous seeing as my sister told me i looked disgusting, my nephews pointed at told me i looked weird and neice said 'i don't like it, i don't like it' and ran into her room crying. Stompface the only other who has seen it loves it, its a little too big for my liking but in a few weeks i can put a smaller one in, that is if i can keep it that long!


Stompface said...

I love it, and your nose.
You must make me an amazing tank like that so we can promote world peace to, I don't know.. the world??

stay happy my little sparrow.


gabrielamadeus said...


maisie #1 and #2 said...

i'm glad you're back to blogging! the nosering looks great. i really like it. in fact i have a stud in my nose and i've been considering trying a ring, and this may have just pushed me over the edge. and it seems we are all a bit vain when it comes to hair. a girl thing i think?

Hass Maricar said...

woohoo another update from the pirate pixie magic girlie.. i am loving the nose ring.. your blog is like my best thing to look at on the internet at the moment!
shanti- light! keep the whirld whirling! and keep ur smile smiling!!! and keep the blog blogging!! hahaha x

revphil said...

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