Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tales Of Spring Time....

Myself and Mr Stompface had a wonderful afternoon pretending we were 11 again...and jack and mary anne came with us on our wonderful adventure into the past...look at more delightful pictures at

Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend wars of old and new

Thank you Theodore for cutting my head off, well done

Vintage leather jacket, top: to die for, shoes: sportsgirl, stockings: sportsgirl,

sorry it has been quite a few days since i have put any new pictures into this wonderful blogging kingdom. There are two reasons for this 1. i was kidnapped by Mr Velvet for the duration of the weekend. 2. My sisters theology lecturer (not really sure how he fits in but some blame must be passed onto him). Once upon a time there was a beautiful lacy free top who's dream was so find someone beautiful to wear her. so she set of on a journey, through many stores thinking hmmmm where would i find someone so amazing to wear me that doesn't want to pay $100 dollars for me....so she walked down Williams street and gasped as she saw a sign saying Designer Garage Sale, so she quietly maneuvered her self onto a clothing rack hidden between a hideous medieval style dress and a ridiculously sparkly jacket who thought she was fashionable just because she cost $300. meanwhile on the other side of the kingdom in a little op shop in a beautiful suburb, a lovely old leather jacket hung from a rack contemplating the good life she had had all the adventures on tour buses and trips on the back of motorbikes, all the times her and her wearer would get home late and be scolded by her over protective parents, and how she would spray perfume all over her to mask the smell of cigarette smoke... Mrs leather jacket was rudely awoken from this day dream as a young pirate came and grabbed her off the shelf, took her to the counter and then stuffed her into a plastic bag.... later that day ms lacy top had a similar experience, and found herself in a bag with Mrs leather jacket. they started to fight over who would be worn by the pirate, the pirate looked into to the bag and said....there is no need to fight, i will wear you both... and they all lived happily ever after The end

Thursday, September 18, 2008


leather jacket Cassette Society, Jeans Refuge, Boots shhhhh, Head scarf hmmm im not sure, facial expression Very Piratey

In honor on national 'talk like a pirate' day i dressed even more piratey than usual and Mary Anne and I went and plundered the streets...nobody was safe...

Spring? is that you...

Cut offs vinatage billabong (i cut them myself), Belt Vintage, Top Sports Girl
So look at those pictures of that Pirate in cut offs, it looks like its nice and warm out side, she must be having a nice time in all that sun...WRONG. I have fooled you all, it is not nice and warm as this photo suggests but raining and windy and cold, this is what i would be wearing if it was nice weather, somehow i tend to think if i wear coconut body oil and cut offs it wil magically turn into summer.
Now something happened to me last night on my way to my friends house that made what should have been a 10 minute car ride, into a 40 minute fiasco.
So i was driving down the freeway all happy, and then i look up and i see a man carrying a baby and i think to my self, you should never carry babies on the over pass cause what if you drop them, then i started thinking about how horrible it would be if he dropped the baby and it fell on my car, and then i was thinking about what if my car was at the right position so it causght the baby on the windscreen and didnt kill it, but then i had to think about how i would get the baby off the windscreen to save it while still driving cause if i stopped then it would roll off and die. so i got quite worked up, dont laugh this isnt funny. then i realised i had completly missed my turn off and so i had to turn off somewhere else then go back, so i did that and then started thinking about how cars are so dangerious and when you ride bikes you dont have to worry about killing babies they would just fall in your basket. then i took the wrong turn off again and had to go back the same way and turn around, so then i was finally on my way, but no my mind was in a daze and frazzled and i was thinking about how disracted i had gotten, when i passed the next turn off, then tried to go back, then realised i was lost then called my sister and told her to look up directions and then.....finally after 40 minutes i got there...
so there are two morals of the story,
1. dont walk your babies across overpasses
2. ride bicycles they are much safer for falling babies.
p.s sorry again for the bad photos, theodor eis sick and Sir Green bin wa sin a bad mood again, i promise they will be better next time

Dinner Party

Dress by Bicycle Pirate, Stockings Sports Girl, belt vinatge from the depths of my fathers wardrobe, boots my secret, wierd thing arounf my neck to keep me warm Dotti

Tonight Mary Anne and myself have been invited to a dinner party, we are very excited about this dinner party seeing as the 'dinner' part will consist of turkish bread and dips. I bought a selection of dips, and olives, mmmmmmm i love olives, they dont really taste good but at the same time they do, i think it is the after taste maybe. i bought pitted olives yes because who really wants to see others chewed on pips on the corner of your plate...not me, or Mary Anne. Unfourtunatly Mary Anne does not eat. She wishes she did because i also bought 70 % dark chocolate with raspberrys...delicious. Some may say, it is a little odd to take your bicycle to dinner parties and act as if she were your friend, or in jacks case boyfriend, to which i reply.

'Your a fool. Bicycles are far better companions than most, they don't bitch although sometimes when they are in a bad mood they chew your jeans and make thier chains come off so you have to get your fingers greasy. But that is usually due to not treating your bicycle with love. Bicycles get you where you need to go faster than your legs, imagine if in the future humans breed with bicycles to create a cenatur like combination, human waist up and bicycle bellow. Ok now theres something to ponder on whilst Marry Anne and i ride of on this cold wintery night when it should be a cool spring night...grrrrrrrrrrrr.

P.s. i am sorry for the teribble photos, the light just wasnt on theodores side, and Mr green bin was in a bad mood.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunny Days in Paradise...

Dress by Pani, Singlet by sportsgirl, bag my great grandmothers, shoes Blur

Today the weather is horrible, yes thats right, its cold, wimdy and raining, i want summer back, i think i am going to start a petition to get back sumer sooner, it is suppose to be spring but bambi has gone into hyberntion and the little birdies are shivering in their nests after hatching from their eggs thinking oh its spring im going to be nice and warm BUT NO winter came back and now those brids are goign to die, DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT WINTER DID YOU THINK ABOUT THOSE POOR BIRDIES HUH DID YOU. no i didnt think so. well i was loking through my old photos reminicsing of sumer days when i came across this one, of my with glorious long hair and Nina and baby russh the puppy heading off on a sumer adventure to bottle up the sun and save it for a rainy day, which is today but someone has stolen the bottle, i shall use my skills of piracy and hunt them down then we shall have summer for ever more!! three cheers for knicker elastics, hip pip HOORAY, hip pip HOORAY hip pip HOORAY.

So enjoy this photo, cut out your head and out it over mine and pretent it is you on a summer time adventure, no it wont be creepy at all.

Jack and the cloudy day

Today is cloudy and me and jack decided to go on an adventure, so i put on my cloudy day out fit, and out we set, through the winding sreets of spring time suburbia, watching mother birds feeding their babies, and bambi learning to walk....ok so maybe i didn't really see bambi, but imagine the fun if i did. sometimes when noone is looking, jack flies....only sometimes.


T-shirt by Bicycle Pirate, Tights by sportsgirl, Bicycle (Jack) ,Photography by Theodore and sir green bin

It is safe to say as well as an obsession with bicycles, i am also obsessed with french mo's and sailors, yes sir, french saliors with curly mo's mmmmmmmm...delicious....

I am a pirate, a bicycle pirate

It is true i am a bicycle pirate. I was born on a the back of a tandem bicycle and it is on a bicycle i have stayed. i have had many wonderful bicycle friends through my life, Dove I, Dove II, Dove III, The Jubalee, The priannah, Clive who was possibly my greatest friend, Jack, Nina, and Mary Anne. I have been on wonderful adventures with all of them through forests, across oceans, through suburban mayhem, and through fields of daisies. So join Mary Anne, Jack, Theodore (my trusty camera), Mr green bin (my trusty tripod) and i, as we embark on and adventure full of beautiful fashion, photography, words and of course Mr Velvet...