Monday, September 22, 2008

weekend wars of old and new

Thank you Theodore for cutting my head off, well done

Vintage leather jacket, top: to die for, shoes: sportsgirl, stockings: sportsgirl,

sorry it has been quite a few days since i have put any new pictures into this wonderful blogging kingdom. There are two reasons for this 1. i was kidnapped by Mr Velvet for the duration of the weekend. 2. My sisters theology lecturer (not really sure how he fits in but some blame must be passed onto him). Once upon a time there was a beautiful lacy free top who's dream was so find someone beautiful to wear her. so she set of on a journey, through many stores thinking hmmmm where would i find someone so amazing to wear me that doesn't want to pay $100 dollars for she walked down Williams street and gasped as she saw a sign saying Designer Garage Sale, so she quietly maneuvered her self onto a clothing rack hidden between a hideous medieval style dress and a ridiculously sparkly jacket who thought she was fashionable just because she cost $300. meanwhile on the other side of the kingdom in a little op shop in a beautiful suburb, a lovely old leather jacket hung from a rack contemplating the good life she had had all the adventures on tour buses and trips on the back of motorbikes, all the times her and her wearer would get home late and be scolded by her over protective parents, and how she would spray perfume all over her to mask the smell of cigarette smoke... Mrs leather jacket was rudely awoken from this day dream as a young pirate came and grabbed her off the shelf, took her to the counter and then stuffed her into a plastic bag.... later that day ms lacy top had a similar experience, and found herself in a bag with Mrs leather jacket. they started to fight over who would be worn by the pirate, the pirate looked into to the bag and said....there is no need to fight, i will wear you both... and they all lived happily ever after The end


Anonymous said...

sweet bike. you have some major pirattitude.

Karafina said...

nothing hotter than a girl in heels on the shoes, jacket, top, everything,. basically.!

ashleigh said...

heels and a bike! that is freaking awesome. i love those shoes

Merily said...

I love that bike, it's awesome.