Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dinner Party

Dress by Bicycle Pirate, Stockings Sports Girl, belt vinatge from the depths of my fathers wardrobe, boots my secret, wierd thing arounf my neck to keep me warm Dotti

Tonight Mary Anne and myself have been invited to a dinner party, we are very excited about this dinner party seeing as the 'dinner' part will consist of turkish bread and dips. I bought a selection of dips, and olives, mmmmmmm i love olives, they dont really taste good but at the same time they do, i think it is the after taste maybe. i bought pitted olives yes because who really wants to see others chewed on pips on the corner of your plate...not me, or Mary Anne. Unfourtunatly Mary Anne does not eat. She wishes she did because i also bought 70 % dark chocolate with raspberrys...delicious. Some may say, it is a little odd to take your bicycle to dinner parties and act as if she were your friend, or in jacks case boyfriend, to which i reply.

'Your a fool. Bicycles are far better companions than most, they don't bitch although sometimes when they are in a bad mood they chew your jeans and make thier chains come off so you have to get your fingers greasy. But that is usually due to not treating your bicycle with love. Bicycles get you where you need to go faster than your legs, imagine if in the future humans breed with bicycles to create a cenatur like combination, human waist up and bicycle bellow. Ok now theres something to ponder on whilst Marry Anne and i ride of on this cold wintery night when it should be a cool spring night...grrrrrrrrrrrr.

P.s. i am sorry for the teribble photos, the light just wasnt on theodores side, and Mr green bin was in a bad mood.

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Stompface said...

I can't wait to hear about your dramatic/traumatic dinner travelling stories.

You look freaking cool here.

I think I am in love with the random dotti head thing.

and you