Thursday, September 18, 2008

Spring? is that you...

Cut offs vinatage billabong (i cut them myself), Belt Vintage, Top Sports Girl
So look at those pictures of that Pirate in cut offs, it looks like its nice and warm out side, she must be having a nice time in all that sun...WRONG. I have fooled you all, it is not nice and warm as this photo suggests but raining and windy and cold, this is what i would be wearing if it was nice weather, somehow i tend to think if i wear coconut body oil and cut offs it wil magically turn into summer.
Now something happened to me last night on my way to my friends house that made what should have been a 10 minute car ride, into a 40 minute fiasco.
So i was driving down the freeway all happy, and then i look up and i see a man carrying a baby and i think to my self, you should never carry babies on the over pass cause what if you drop them, then i started thinking about how horrible it would be if he dropped the baby and it fell on my car, and then i was thinking about what if my car was at the right position so it causght the baby on the windscreen and didnt kill it, but then i had to think about how i would get the baby off the windscreen to save it while still driving cause if i stopped then it would roll off and die. so i got quite worked up, dont laugh this isnt funny. then i realised i had completly missed my turn off and so i had to turn off somewhere else then go back, so i did that and then started thinking about how cars are so dangerious and when you ride bikes you dont have to worry about killing babies they would just fall in your basket. then i took the wrong turn off again and had to go back the same way and turn around, so then i was finally on my way, but no my mind was in a daze and frazzled and i was thinking about how disracted i had gotten, when i passed the next turn off, then tried to go back, then realised i was lost then called my sister and told her to look up directions and then.....finally after 40 minutes i got there...
so there are two morals of the story,
1. dont walk your babies across overpasses
2. ride bicycles they are much safer for falling babies.
p.s sorry again for the bad photos, theodor eis sick and Sir Green bin wa sin a bad mood again, i promise they will be better next time


Dane said...

I love your little baby on the overpass story, youre hilarious. Im never going to pass another overpass without thinking about a baby falling on top of me and how I will positiong my car/self to save the baby.

seralouisa said...

i thin ur legs may go on forever ! x