Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunny Days in Paradise...

Dress by Pani, Singlet by sportsgirl, bag my great grandmothers, shoes Blur

Today the weather is horrible, yes thats right, its cold, wimdy and raining, i want summer back, i think i am going to start a petition to get back sumer sooner, it is suppose to be spring but bambi has gone into hyberntion and the little birdies are shivering in their nests after hatching from their eggs thinking oh its spring im going to be nice and warm BUT NO winter came back and now those brids are goign to die, DID YOU THINK ABOUT THAT WINTER DID YOU THINK ABOUT THOSE POOR BIRDIES HUH DID YOU. no i didnt think so. well i was loking through my old photos reminicsing of sumer days when i came across this one, of my with glorious long hair and Nina and baby russh the puppy heading off on a sumer adventure to bottle up the sun and save it for a rainy day, which is today but someone has stolen the bottle, i shall use my skills of piracy and hunt them down then we shall have summer for ever more!! three cheers for knicker elastics, hip pip HOORAY, hip pip HOORAY hip pip HOORAY.

So enjoy this photo, cut out your head and out it over mine and pretent it is you on a summer time adventure, no it wont be creepy at all.


Stompface said...

You know what's funny. I have seen this photo before. But I never EVER noticed the dog in the front!

How strange!

You look beauty, with your flowing locks. Why did you let voldemort trick you into cutting it.

Karafina said...

omigod... what a great photo. im totally putting my head onto yours! my bike's name is Sterling! is that a poodle? im dying to get a red toy poodle.!

Ashleigh said...

i love love love love this photo.