Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stolen Love

Yes i look stunning i know, i was going for the 'riding home from Mr Velvets house in the morning wearing his clothes' look, i think i achieved it pretty well seeing as that was precisely what i was doing. I am in love with these jeans, they are mens ones but fit me wonderfully, and they are allready worn in so they are extra comfy. If you were wondering why i have not posted a postarama for over a week i will tell you why: because i have been enjoying all the sunshine in the north of western australia, yay hooray, judging from these pics i dont looks tanned at all just confused. But i am very tan after my little adventure, unfourtunaly there were no bicycles at my destinations, just surf boards and wet suits YIPEEEEEEEEEEE...
Well my head is tired from all this thinking, im not used to it, no no no. oh i went and saw ladytron last night with Mr Velvet and a certain pig of happiness, and it was wonderful.
P.s. i love commas yes its true i use them as frequently as possible. Three cheers for Commas Hip pip HOORAY Hip pip HOORAY Hip pip HOORAY.
and all the commas lived happily ever after. GOOD DAY SIR