Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Noun Informal
1.a young person, esp. a teenage girl, who is an ardent admirer of rock musicians and may follow them on tour.

I am in love with these leather tights, yes IN LOVE, i bought them from a girl who makes them her self, they fit like a leatherette dream...
i am also in love with my feather headband, when i bought it it had all these ugly bead things dripping off it, but i took to it with my scissors and beauty sprung from it like a beautiful shoe on a half price sale....


Stompface said...

I couldn't have asked for a greater post.

I think I love you. But you already knew that right!


you flippin' beauty head.

Nature Grafitti said...

oh, i wish i COULD go adventuring with you and Stompface in the land of the hopping marsupials!!

however, i have made it my lifetime goal to go to Australia, and if i can make it happen in the near future, i'll let you know!!

Sharlo said...

i love those damn bikes.
i want a pink bike toooo. oh
do groupies still exist? like in almost famous I mean?
did they die out? i wanna kno , i wanna kno.fuuc thatd be sad.

uhhh lovin ze leather tights. uhuh. i think ill get some from aa. yes. I dont want real leather though. haha

ashleigh said...

haha wow you have so many bicycles it's unbelievable. but that is why you are the pirate cos you steal them and they become your booty.

I HAVE THAT HEADBAND! and i also have problem with the beads! oh my lord i'm cutting them off right now. thanks for the inspiration.

lovee the leather tights SO much better then the aa ones. where's the singlet from?

okay i love it all.

Anonymous said...

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