Monday, October 27, 2008

BackPack Love

Jeans, customized. Vest, Pirate Nate's Mums. BackPack, Vintage.

It is true, there is a new love in my life, is it a bird? is it a plane? No it's SUPERMAN...oh i mean its MR BACKPACK...yes, Mr Backpack was looking awfully lonely until i decided to take him home and make him my constant companion, since that glorious moment of discovery he has hardly left my back. The beauty of the backpack is that you forget you even have it on. Hand bags can be extremely aggravating when wore out dancing, but with a back pack you can dance your little heart out with out anything constantly falling off your arm. Backpacks are also the perfect companion for going on adventures, they just sit there on your back quietly holding all your goodies. I remember when the oversize totes came out and i thought to my self, i shall never carry anything else, but i was wrong, the backpack has captured my heart and put it in it's front left pocket.


Stompface said...

Mr Backpack is a charming fellow. I feel so honoured that I was sharing the same air as you when you young lovers met and ran wildly towards each other and embraced with a whole lot of passion. It was truly beautiful.

You could also be some kind of backpack salesperson. All I want now is a backpack. I want to feel free and what not just like you Mrs Backpack.

Also, I still love Mr Distressed Jeans.
He is very handsome.

Bicycle Pirate said...

yes mr distressed jeans is wonderful, just like your head

Stompface said...

I have you to thank for my wonderful distressed head. Thanks to you and your large sharp pair of scissors! Yippeee

Karafina said...

wow! you look dang good in those jeans and vest.. and the backpack? perfection.

Dane said...

I love your backpack. I use one every day, it can contain so much, my kite stuff, yoga stuff, water, food, money, cellphone.. sky's the limit. I do love my packpack.

Anonymous said...

That backpack is so cute! And I love the jeans. Hot hot hot.

IRIS and PIETER said...

i adore your backpack!
the colour is so sweetly brown (:

ashleigh said...

i have a backpack of the same color :)

you look SO great! those jeans and that vest are perfect together.

morena said...

Great outfit !!
I love this vest !
The necklace is so beautiful !

clairegrenade said...

those jeans are positively wonderful

the wash, the fit